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One of my favorite writers, Bret Easton Ellis, has taken to twitter to voice that he thinks that fan favorite Matt Bomer is not fit to star as Christian Grey in the movie version of the hit book 50 Shades of Grey, seeing as though the actor is gay.

He later said that it’s about Matt “not being right for the role” but he did earlier say that him being married to a man in his personal life complicates things. Then even later (the tweet on top) he stopped flip flopping around and just came out and said it. He doesn’t think he is right for the role because of his sexuality.

I personally think that sexuality should not matter. This is exactly why some closeted gay actors are afraid to come out: because they are afraid of losing roles. So if Matt were to lose this role (even tho it’s just in heresay right now) it would just reinforce the fact that gay actors do lose roles and aren’t treated equally. I think someone’s personal life/sexuality that shouldn’t even be our business in the first place should not affect any type of hiring whatsoever, cinema or otherwise.

What are your thoughts on it?

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